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Dust Collectors

Scanmaskin Scan Dust 2900

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The dust collector Scan Dust 2900 (SD 2900) is a great option for all of our smaller grinders; Scanmaskin 18 up to SC500 PD. SD 2900 is a versatile and efficient dust collector, known for its high reliability and performance The cylindrical design functions as a pre-separator, causing heavy particulate to separate from the fine dust. This allows the heavy particles to immediately drop into the bottom of the cyclone, bypassing the filters completely, which increasing filter life and suction performance.

Scanmasking Separator 6000

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ScanDust Pre-separator 6000 is a great addition to ScanDust 6000 to achieve an optimal result. ScanDust Separator 6000 separates up to 90% of the dust particles. This means that the filters in ScanDust 6000 does not need to be cleaned as often and even gets a longer life. Additionally, air flow is kept higher for a long time. ScanDust pre-separator 6000 is supplied with a 3 m long hose for connecting to industrial vacuum cleaner.

Karcher Vacuum

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Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner - A vacuum cleaner for diverse usage.

A match for any type of dirt: the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are ideal for car interior cleaning, workshops, garages, cellars, outside areas and renovation.

CFM 317

The CFM 317 is an industrial vacuum cleaner with superior performance

Manouverable and robust, constructed of heavy gauge powder coated steel with chasis sitting on two fixed and 2 swivel wheels. Powered by 3 1.2 hp by pass motors which ensure a powerfull answer to all your problems. The large surface area star filter ensures 100% efficiency until the container is 99.9% full