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Scanmaskin 330 Grinder

Hire a scanmasking 330 grinder

ScanCombiflex 330 (SC 330) is a powerful and easy to use machine. It is one of the most versatile machines on the market. The 330 mm grinding disc is effective when grinding smaller areas, removal of tough coatings and also works very nicely in preparatory work. With a simple maneuver SC 330 can also be made into an edge grinder that can be adjusted for grinding in two different directions.

Scanmaskin 450

Hire a scanmasking 450 grinder

The ScanCombiflex 450 (SC 450) is the first model in a new generation of floor grinders, which combines a small footprint with high productivity. It is a versatile grinder for both aggressive and fine grinding of concrete and natural stone surfaces and also very effective in removing impurities, like paint and carpet residues.

Scanmaskin 500

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ScanCombiflex 500 PD (SC 500 PD) comes with a built-in water tank for wet grinding. This takes away the problem with external water supply. It is an efficient and strong machine for use when grinding concrete, stone and terrazzo. You can also use it for renovating, removing coatings and remove impurities from the surface.

Scanmaskin 650

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The ScanCombiflex 650 (SC 650) is a robust and stable machine made of steel, designed for both residential and commercial projects with its grinding width of 650mm. The SC 650 uses a patented planetary system to drive its three heads. This patented system uses a double-sided cog belt. The components are carefully chosen to ensure a safe dependable operation and high quality

Scanmaskin 700RC

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The ScanCombiflex 700 RC (SC 700 RC) is a robust and stable machine made of steel, designed for high productivity in both small and large areas. The 700 mm (28in) grinding footprint is perfect for commercial applications where compact size is important as the SC 700 RC is controlled by the radio control the machine handle can be folded down and then the machine works well even in smaller spaces.

Scanmaskin 800

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The ScanCombiflex 800 (SC 800) is a robust and stable machine made of steel, designed for high productivity in large areas. The SC 800 offers 800 mm (32in) of grinding power combined with 380 kg (838 lbs.) of weight, making it the perfect machine for commercial applications were you need a high capacity grinding. SC 800 is equipped with our patented drive system, which gives the machine a stable and smooth grinding process.

Scanmaskin 1000RC

hire a scanmasking 1000RC grinder

The 1000 mm (40in) grinding footprint is perfect for large commercial applications where high productivity is necessary SC 1000 RC is equipped with our patented drive system that enables a stable and smooth grinding. The truly unique feature of the SC 1000 RC is the Bluetooth radio control system it uses for controlling motion and grinding speed. The rugged, heavy-duty remote control unit allows the operator to move, with a joystick, the machine in any direction, and maneuver with precision in tight areas. You can also choose your speed and activate the “cruise control” for easier handling of vacuums and cables.

STR 701

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The STR 701™ is a rotary preparation machine. Simple, safe, comfortable to operate and highly effective. Low noise levels (64dB) along with the complete absence of fumes, vibration and dust make the STR 701™ the ideal machine for refurb and renovation.

The maintenance free STR 701™ offers total reliability and is the result of over 15 years constant development and improvement.

DFG 200

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A successful diamond grinder must give the operator complete control and at the same time have enough weight to act directly onto the grinding heads to facilitate accurate and rapid grinding.

Compact and powerful, the machine can be fitted with a wide range of diamond, polymer and PCD attachments making a very versatile grinding solution for smaller surface preparation projects.