Professional Flooring Solutions



For maintenance of floors, the efficient ScanPad Dancer pads work great.

The SC-ShineTM provides a high glossy, protective finish, makes the floor stain resistant, and reduces maintenance without the expense and preparation as other coatings have. It also provides a dust protected surface. It is a cosmetic finish that can replace waxes and acrylic sealers. While giving a similar appearance as wax, SC-ShineTM provides a finish that requires very little maintenance in comparison to a wax finish.

How to use SC-ShineTM: 1. Grind according to instructions. 2. Clean the surface carefully. 3. Work SC-ShineTM into the surface in a very thin layer, approx. 0,02 liter per m2. 4. Let it evaporate until the surface is totally dry. Drying time: approx. 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on temperature and humidity.




The SC-ProofTM is intended for use on both new and old concrete for impregnation and hardening of the surface. It’s also used for increased dust control in, for example, warehouse spaces, industrial floors, and parking areas. SCProofTM is a user friendly product that increases the durability of the concrete surface. You get an easy-maintenance concrete surface that is resistance to abrasion, acid, stains, and dust, as well as minimizing marks from black rubber wheels. SC-ProofTM is an environmentally friendly product that does not emit emissions nor is flammable.

How to use SC-Proof: 1. Grind according to instructions. 2. Clean the surface so it’s free from dirt, dust, paint and oil. The surface temperature should be over +5oC. 3. Pour SC-ProofTM richly, approx. 0,1-0,2 liter/layer/m2, on the surface and dispense the product with a soft brush. 4. Let evaporate a few hour until the surface is dry. 5. When the surface is dry, repeat the application of SC-ProofTM. 6. The surface is walkable within approx. 2-4 hours. Wait about 48 hours before standing water is allowed.