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Mixing Drill

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Robust, semi-professional Tecmix mixer with up to 80Ltr mixing volume. Suitable for use with materials such as paints, varnishes, emulsion, adhesives, glazes, fillers and mortar.

MixIt 25

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The SPE Mixit 25™ - a robust and portable mixing solution for high output, single handed operation.

The SPE Mixit 25™ pan Mixer was developed to mix promptly and effectively a wide range of materials. The mixer is driven by a sealed motor and gearbox providing many years of trouble free operation. An optional perforated paddle is available to increase agitation by forcing material through its perforations. The machine is both robust and portable, offering the user high output and single handed operation.

Imer 120

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The Mortarman 120+ is perfect for the 2-4 man construction crew. Why go through all the hassles of towing a mixer to a jobsite, when the Mortarman 120+ can make a wheelbarrow of mortar, stucco, grout or dry pack cement every 3 minutes. In fact, vertical shaft mixers deliver so much mixing torque that the 120+ can out produce a 2 bag towable mixer when making dry pack cement. Here is an instance where size really doesn’t matter!