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BEF 200 & BEF 250

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Many years experience in design and operation of surface preparation equipment have been integrated with the latest computer aided design resulting in the BEF Multiplane Range.

BEF Multiplane range of products are strong and reliable with modern, clean lines which will appeal to the image concious company. Close attention to detail has resulted in an efficient machine with optimum weight distribution ensuring a high work rate. Every component is carefully designed and field tested for strength and durability.

The BEF 200™ Multiplane range is safe and simple to operate with no exposed moving parts. Each machine is supplied with a comprehensive operating and maintenance manual containing all the information needed to ensure that the BEF 200™ always performs to its full potential.

BEF 320

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The BEF 320™ heavy Duty Multiplane is a robust self propelled hydostatically driven machine having infinately variable speed control to each independent drive wheel motor. This allows the machine a forward and reverse feature giving the machine the ability to turn around in its own axis providing the operator with safe, effortless operation.

The cutter drum has a hydraulic raise and lower feature which combined with optimum weight distribution along with heavy duty cutters and drum provide accurate precision planing and texturing whilst maintaining maximum cutter life with high productivity rates.

Blastrac 320

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Ideal for Road Marking removal. Large horizontal surfaces :Etching, Cleaning, Removal of coatings, De-rusting of metallic surfaces (ship decks, tanks), Grooving, Descaling 5,5 kW / 5,9 kW acc. to version