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hire a ms230

MS 230 Multistripper has been developed to satisfy the requirements of removing floor coverings from smaller projects and confined areas.

The compact easy to operate machine offers the user a solution for commercial and domestic applications. Forward motion is achieved by manual effort made easier by the adjustable handle to suit different body heights. All components are manufactured from the highest grade materials ensuring strength and reliability.

Wolf Turbo

hire a wolff turbo stripper

Use the Wolff Turbo Stripper machine for a professional and quick removal of any bonded floor covering, also for studded rubber and sport flooring.<

2.6 KW motor with starting current limiter.Self-propelled with hand-operated clutch for greater operating convenience.Restart cutout for safe operationDetachable weight and handle for easy transportation


  • 230 V/ 115 V, 2.6 W, starting current limiter
  • max working width 150-350 mm, 5000 strokes/min
  • 157 kg, stripping capacity 60-100 m2