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Thomsit RS88 bag

Repair mortar of adjustable consistency for rapid, non-slump filling and patching jobs. For producing layers of 1 to 100 mm in one operation


K 188

Thomsit K 188 bag

High-performance wet-bed dispersion adhesive for bonding homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC sheets and tiles, flexible quartz vinyl tiles as well as foam- and PVC-backed carpets on absorbent substrates.


R-755 7kg

Thomsit R 755

In the primer segment, the 2-component Epoxy Safety Primer R 755 is Thomsit’s most powerful weapon against rising moisture. It reliably seals cement screeds up to a residual moisture content of up to 6 % CM and concrete floors up to 7 % CM moisture. It is also suitable for strengthening difficult substrates.



Thomsit R766 tub

Fast, faster, Thomsit R 766 – this is the new superlative in the primer segment. Why? Because the Multi-Purpose Primer reduces the usual drying times of primers down to a minimum. If levelling compounds with the same type of binder are used on cement- or gypsum-based substrates, e.g. a gypsum-based levelling compound on a gypsum-based substrate, the levelling work can start immediately after priming – without any delay.



Thomsit UK 400 Tub

When describing the UK 400, the terms “allrounder” and “specialist” are no contradictions because the product is both: versatile in use, but at the same highly specialized in its respective application field. Just one bucket of UK 400 – this is enough for nearly all standard installations of textile and resilient flooring. It doesn’t take up much space in the van and, more importantly, eliminates the risk of choosing the wrong adhesive on site. These features have earned the UK 400 a large number of fans over the years.



Thomsit XXL bag

Exceptionally strong, suitable for use in industrial environments, shear-resistant under wood flooring, ultra-smooth, dust-reduced, easily flowable and self-smoothing, suitable for pump application – when it comes to floor levelling, Thomsit's product code XXL stands for maximum performance. The new generation XXLPOWER will further raise the benchmark in this segment. The floor levelling compound produces layers of up to 20 mm thickness in one go.