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Wolff consumables

Adhesive Profiles

Wolff Adhesive Profile list

Adhesive Trowel

Wolff green and silver adhesive trowel

Carpet Cutter

wolff  green and silver carpet cutter

Carpet Cutter Red

Wolff red carpet cutter

Carpet Seam Roller

Wolff carpet seam roller

Carpet Shears

Wolff carpet shears

Ergostar Spatula

Wolff ergostar spatula

Flexable Steel Straight Edge

Wolff flexable steel with straight edge

Premium quality stainless steel. Undulation free. Bowed, with retaining clip

Maximum deviation from straightness: 5/64" (2 mm) in 10'


  • Item #48421 --- 6.8' (82") x 3"
  • Item #48422 --- 13.4' (161") x 3"
  • Item #48423 --- 16.6' (200") x 3"
  • Grinding Stone

    Wolff woodern handeled grinding stone

    Groover For Rubber Floors

    Wolff red handle groover for rubber floors

    Hygrometer Universal V1 D4

    Wolff  universal hygrometer version V1-D4

    WOLFF HYGROMETER V1-D4 (#71053) Designed for use with moisture measurements of concrete floors and anhydrite subfloors Non-invasive moisture test method with high measuring accuracy Easy handling of the device Real-time display of measurements on easy to read display Suitable for preliminary checks to determine the dryness of materials for CM and RH measurements

    Technical information: Dimensions:147 x 89 x 33mm/ Power supply: Battery supply, 2 x AA 1.5 Volt/ Display: Black-white with background lighting, resolution 128x64 pixel. Operating temperature range: 5 °C to 40 °C. Accuracy: ±0.5%. Available scales: Concrete, Carbide Method, Relative Scale and 15.3 Scale.


    Wolff  silver knife with green sleve

    Blade can be exchanged without screw driver. Plastic quiver.. The knife has fixing magnet for comfortable blade changes, also has an especially hardened blade mount.

    Leister Triac Set

    Wolff leister triac set

    Hand-operated welding machine Triac ST with electronic control and cooled protection tube. Case includes comprehensive accessories. With diamond grindstone for sharpening quarter moon knives.

    Technical specifications:230 V/115 V, total consumption 1.6 kW, heating element 1.55 kW, temperature 20-650 °C

    Medical knee Protectors

    Wolff red medical knee protectors

    Mittag Cutter

    Wolff jet black mittag cutter

    Nail Shoes

    Wolff green nail shoes

    For walking on coated or filled substrates or surfaces.

    Pin Leveller

    Wolff blakk handel silver bladed pin leveller

    Pressure Roller

    Wolff black and silver pressure roller

    With carrying handles for easy transportation.Each roller consists of 4 rolls that adapt themselves perfectly to the floor. The extremely narrow spaces between the rolls avoid blistering. The detachable transport wheels facilitate transportation and prevent damage to the roller.

  • Roller 30 kg #56401
  • Roller 50 kg #56402
  • Roller 68 kg #56403
  • Quarter Moon Knife

    Wolff black grip and silver quarter moon knife

    For removing weld rod

    £ + VAT


    Wolff green grip on a silver rake

    Safety Poly Knee Protectors

    Wolff red and black safety poly knee protectors

    Smoothing Trowel

    Wolff green handled smoothing trowel

    Spike Roller

    Wolff black and silver spike roller

    Stair Tool

    Wolff black handle stair tool

    Stirrer KR Type

    Wolff green stirrer KR Type

    Easy to clean, suitable for very viscous adhesives or seals and gypsiferous or bituminous materials.Ideal for compounds and to prevents clotting.

    Stirrer MK Type

    Wolff green stirrer mk type

    Rugged professional stirrer with long service life, 3 mixing wings for a fast mixing and great mixing effect from bottom to top. Machine pod with M14 thread.

    Stirring Station 75 ltr

    Wolff white stirring station holds 75 litres

    Perfect for mixing of powder products (up to 3 bags) Special 2 stop tip system Perfect fitting tools Suitable for all kind of stirring machines


    Wolff  metal wall master

    Weld Seam Slide

    Wolff metal weld seam slide

    Wolff Seam Trimmer

    Wolff Red Seam Trimmer

    For trimming welded seams at inside and outside corners Includes: Seam trimmer, 1 round blade 6 mm


  • Round blade, 6 mm #13813
  • Round blade, 12 mm #13868
  • Pointed blade #13869
  • Flat blade #13870